Project Description

Restore and rejuvenate the body and mind. All of our massages are holistically customized specifically for your needs each and every visit. Our experience includes steam towels as well as botanical aromatherapy during each massage session.

Rejuvenation Massage – 90 Minute $110
Treat yourself with a full hour and a half massage that rejuvenates your body and mind as well as revitalizing your spirit.
Balancing Massage – 60 Minute $80
Enjoy a full hour of relaxation to recharge, while reducing stress and tension.
Focus Massage – 30 Minute $50
Perfect for that trouble spot, relieve tension and recharge with focus.

Pregnancy Massage

Recommended during second and third trimesters, this massage helps to relieve tension and reduce stress.

Pregnancy Rejuvenation Massage – 90 Minute $115
Pregnancy Balancing Massage – 60 Minute $85

Hot Stone Massage

This relaxing full-body massage incorporates the use of heated stones to help melt away muscle tension and soreness.

Hot Stone Rejuvenation Massage – 90 Minute $120
Hot Stone Balancing Massage – 60 Minute $90

Chair Massage

A great option for those in need of quick relief or with limited time, this massage allows you to relax upright and fully clothed. Excellent for minor soreness and tension relief.

Chair Massage – 20 Minute $40
Chair Massage – 10 Minute $20

Restorative Body Enhancements

15 Minutes of Additional Time $15
For those of you who just need a few extra minutes.
Hot Stone Spot Treatment $20
Hot Stones may be added to any massage. Experience the deep melting sensation of river rocks on sore or tense muscles.
Cupping Spot Treatment $20
Ancient practices of relaxing deep fascial tension that increase circulation through tight muscles.
Hand Treatment $20
Exfoliate and refresh your hands with a dead sea salt scrub followed by a replenishing hand massage.
Foot Treatment $20
Exfoliate and refresh your feet with a dead sea salt scrub followed by a relaxing foot massage.
Sauna Session – 20 Minute $25
Add a quick sweat before or after any facial, massage or body treatment.
Body Dry Brush Exfoliation $20
Increase circulation and detoxify while sloughing away dry dead skin cells.

Infrared Sauna Treatment

Get your sweat on! Infrared heat is a form of energy that allows you to heat your body more effectively and penetrate more deeply than other types of heat. An infrared sauna session can reduce muscle and joint pain, increase immunity, speed healing, promote detoxification, improve circulation, and support positive mental health. Just one 45-minute session can burn up to 900 calories!

Single Sweat – 45 Minutes $45
Sweat with a Friend – 45 Minutes $70 ($35 each)